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After you have a conversation with your patient about the ABILIFY MYCITE System and determine if it's right for them, follow these simple steps. 


Download and
complete this form to get your practice set up.

Healthcare Provider Pre‑registration Form


Download and complete this form to prescribe an ABILIFY MYCITE® Kit* for your patient. The specialty pharmacy will verify the patient's insurance coverage.

Prescription Form


The kit will be sent to your office with setup instructions. When you are notified, schedule a setup appointment with the patient to get them started. 

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Resources for your practice

Forms should be faxed to 844‑9‑MYCITE (844‑969‑2483).

*The ABILIFY MYCITE Kit contains a 30-day supply of ABILIFY MYCITE® (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) and 7 MYCITE® Patches (wearable sensor).

Cost and coverage

The cost of an ABILIFY MYCITE Kit depends on
what kind(s) of health insurance your patient has.

Commercial plans 

Eligible patients may pay
as little as

through an instant copay


Most Medicaid plans also cover the ABILIFY MYCITE Kit with prior authorization from your state’s
Medicaid plan.


For patients who are covered under Medicare and qualify for Low Income Subsidy (LIS), copays for brand-name products are

or less.1‡

Offer not valid under Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state program. Further conditions apply. Contact the specialty pharmacy for more information.

Verified January 01, 2020.

This resource is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as reimbursement or legal advice. It does not guarantee that coverage and reimbursement will result. Providers should seek independent, qualified professional advice to ensure that their organization is in compliance with the complex legal and regulatory requirements governing healthcare services, and that treatment decisions are made consistent with the applicable standards of care.

The MYCITE® Team is here to provide you and your patients with cost and coverage information about the ABILIFY MYCITE Kit. Call 844‑MYCITE‑3 (844‑692‑4833) for more information.

All prescriptions go through a single specialty pharmacy

The ABILIFY MYCITE Kit is dispensed exclusively by a specialty pharmacy. 

The pharmacy will
contact you

to verify patient coverage
and prescription information,
and to arrange shipping.

Refills can be

to the patient's home or to
your office.

Patch replacement

are available upon request
by calling 844‑MYCITE‑3 (844‑692‑4833).

The specialty pharmacy’s hours of operation are 8 AM to 6 PM central time Monday to Friday. The pharmacy can be reached by calling 844‑MYCITE‑3 (844‑692‑4833) and pressing 4.

The pharmacy will use CoverMyMeds® for any prior authorizations.

CoverMyMeds is a registered trademark of CoverMyMeds LLC, an independent third party vendor that is solely responsible for its products and services.

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Instructions for Use

Below are quick step-by-step videos designed to walk your patient through the setup for the ABILIFY MYCITE System. While these videos will live on the MYCITE® App for your patients, you can also watch them here to familiarize yourself with the process.  

01 Getting started
Video length

When prescribing the ABILIFY MYCITE Kit, make sure your patient follows these Instructions for Use:

DO NOT place the patch in areas where your skin is scraped, cracked, inflamed, or irritated.

DO NOT place the patch in a location that overlaps with the area of the most recently removed patch.

12.4% of patients in clinical studies experienced skin irritation at the site of patch placement.

The impact of the ABILIFY MYCITE System on treatment adherence has not been demonstrated. Some factors, such as connectivity, transmitter malfunction, or device availability, may impact the consistency and reliability of data detection, collection and transmission. Only functions related to tracking drug ingestion have been evaluated or approved by FDA.

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support you and your patients.

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1. National Council on Aging. Medicare Low Income Subsidy: get extra help paying for Part D. Accessed May 1, 2019.